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Gary Moyle

Mike is the best kept secret in the Southwest! Although I have only worked with Mike for a short time he has already set the bar extremely  high and proved himself virtually indispensable.  Not only is Mike highly professional and great fun to work with but the quality of his work is truly exceptional!

If you have an opportunity to work with Mike then don't hesitate to take it. You won't regret it!

Jan Cyrka

Highly respected, world-renowned Guitarist and Music Producer

In my opinion, to be extremely successful in this business or any other business, you first of all have to have these qualities;


People skills

The ability to deliver when you say you will deliver.

I know a lot of musicians and as much as I love them dearly, I'm sorry to say that they don't have all three. Some just have one...talent.

Michael Baugh has all three and a few more besides. 

He's asked me to write a testimonial for him. He doesn't need one!

Hartnolls Guitar Centre

Well established Plymouth based guitar tutor. Extremely competent and experienced!

Matt Ewens

Although I have been playing guitar for over 10 years, I am learning so much more - it is exciting to think that I can improve to a higher level!

Laura Wilde

About a year ago I was trying to teach myself the guitar but failed miserably so I decided to get lessons with Mike, and a year later I'm playing advanced finger picking, lead and strumming! Also, I'm learning loads of little techniques that books or the internet couldn't really teach me and at the same time I'm learning to play songs that I like so thanks Mike, you are the best :)

Paul Ramsay

Sonic Ventures

Michael is a superb guitarist and very quickly delivered some great tracks for my website.

The all-round quality of the recordings is excellent. He was enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. 

I hope to work with him a lot more in the future.

John Leong

"Over the net we are often faced with inhibitions when sourcing the right person to commit to music projects. Apart from music skills, talent and passion, we also need to consider reliability, initiative and dedication.

From our association and collaboration with Michael, we got more than what we hoped for: Michael delivers all these qualities that  exceed our expectations, and we are in turn enriched by this experience."

Matt King

I've seen myself progress brilliantly.

The way Mike teaches has helped me to build up my confidence, both as a musician & in day to day life.

I'm looking forward to improving further in the future!

Thanks Mike! ;D

Carlton Bennett

In five lessons, Mike has taught me more than I would have believed was possible for a total novice to achieve. His relaxed and comfortable manner makes it a real pleasure to learn and I look forward to each lesson with a great deal of anticipation.

I started guitar lessons at age 45 with a goal to learn a particular Joe Satriani piece. I came to Mike as his biography said he was also inspired by Satriani. After working on exercises, techniques and music tailored towards achieving my goal, I cannot believe that on my 9th lesson we have started working on that piece. It would appear that Mike can teach an old dog new tricks!


Thanks Mike


John Naismith

Hi mike its me sophia

I think youre the best guitarist there is around, cant wait till me next lesson

Sophia Warner (age 8)

I have Had Lessons with mike for four years in school and nearly two years private. Mikes Lessons are great, very enjoyable and relaxed. He is a cool guy, easy to get along with and an awesome guitarist. He is very patient with you which obviously makes you feel more comfortable in his lessons. I feel I have progressed massively since I have been with Mike and would not go to anyone else.

Adam Hill (age 16)

Mike has a very relaxed style of teaching which makes learning new styles and techniques very easy as it is more like a mate showing you how to play. In short Mike helps you to develop your own style of playing from your first lesson. Thanks Mike

Luke Dolan (age 26)

Thanks very much for all your time and effort.  In my opinion your teaching style is spot on and I have enjoyed the lessons very much. 

Mark Harrison (age 40)

Mike is good, he helps you to improve a lot more than teaching yourself and hes really patient, mellow and easy to get on with.

Dan Schmid (age 15)

In all honesty I don't know where to start with Mike. I've had lessons with him for the last 4 years and it has changed my perception on not just guitar but career choices too.

I don't know how I can thank you for getting me to where I am in my perception of music as well my career choice.

Without him I would've been another guy fantasising about how to play guitar properly on Guitar Hero.

Thank you Mike.

Josh Collins

(Josh is now a professional musician)

Hi there Mike, I really enjoyed my first lesson with you on Wed night.

I am looking forward to the next one.

Steve Woodbridge (age 60)

The lessons are very relaxed even though we get through a lot in one lesson and hes an easy guy to get on with. I have been through many guitar teachers and they all have their own ways of teaching, but Mikes is by far the best!

Ben Hoskin

Here at Sound Bytes we work with two fantastic Plymouth based teachers of guitar and bass - Mike Baugh and Rory Pearse. If you wish to learn either guitar or bass you could do no better than to contact these guys!

Sound Bytes Guitar Shop

 Before i started lessons with Mike I had been playing for roughly eight years with no real direction or structure to my learning. Thankfully when I started lessons with Mike he identified what I needed to fix immediately and tailored the lessons to what I could handle. After 8 or 9 lessons with Mike I now have a much better idea of what I want to develop and I also enjoy playing a lot more than I used to. Mike has a very friendly and relaxed style of teaching that invites you to express yourself and enjoy playing whatever style of music it is that you want to

John Avery

Hey mike just wanna say great lesson on Sunday. Was just what I was looking for.

Thanks again!


Mike is by far the best guitar player I know personally. His lessons are very relaxed, and fun of course!

Before I had guitar lessons with Mike, I looked at songs I wanted to learn... and typically gave up because I thought they were too hard for me. Not anymore, Giving up is not an option with Mike - Mike knows exactly what level Im at, and what would improve my technique to be able to boost my confidence in playing. He's always inspiring me to play, even when I feel down about my playing.

I really dont know how to sum this up well, but all I can really say is that Mike has made my guitar playing so much better, and I'm progressing much faster than when I was alone!

Thank you very very much mike!!!

Darryl Syms (Darryl is now a Guitar Teacher)

Mike is a real nice chap and I always feel very confident after leaving a session. He has a laid-back approach that is fitted to accommodate your skill and playing style.

I was a complete beginner but he already had me doing blues improvisation by my second lesson, something that would probably taken me a lot longer to achieve by myself.

He really knows what he is talking about and he really is the number one guitar tutor in Plymouth.

Miles Satterly

Andrew Karl Emmert

(Skype Guitar Student from Norway)

Hello Michael,

thanks a lot for a very inspiring guitar lesson!!

I really enjoyed the lessons and how quickly I felt I was learning!

Ryan Elcombe

Thank you for all your support with Beth and her lessons, she really does enjoy coming and then practising at home, she does get a little anxious about school stuff so her guitar lessons are great for relaxing and enjoyment.  

Charlotte Payne

 I checked out your tuition site and was very impressed. It's great that you organise such impressive workshops and masterclasses for your students. Nice one mate! Your playing is great too - very accomplished indeed. :-)

Tom Quayle

Tom is a highly respected, world-renowned Fusion Guitarist and Guitar Interactive Magazine member.

Mike is great fun to work with and, thankfully, extremely patient! He has helped me to improve quickly over the last 10 months by giving me challenging but realistic songs to work on techniques. Lessons are always fun and relaxed and Mikes talent on the guitar never ceases to amaze and inspire me. He has helped me to choose my beloved Ibanez which I am extremely grateful for. Mike is always there to help which is a great reassurance for a novice such as myself. He is an all round great guy and an amazing guitar teacher. Thanks for everything Mike. You wont be getting rid of me for a long time!

Beth (Age 15)

When Beth wanted to learn to play the electric guitar, I at first thought it was another phase; she had given up on playing the piano previously. I went to Beths first guitar lesson with her and watched Mike bring the biggest smile to her face as he played. He helped her to understand the techniques and warm up exercises that would improve her playing. Mike has encouraged and supported Beth to develop and grow her love of the guitar over the past 10 months. Mike is always enthusiastic and his passion for the guitar is passed onto his students. 

Karen Holmes (Beths Mum)

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Some of Mikes guitar students travel to Plymouth for their guitar lessons from Torquay and Exeter!

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